Dentelle bags - Speedy & BH

  1. I'm considering getting the Dentelle BH. Just a quick question for those who got either the Dentelle Speedy or BH or both, is the interior canvas or some other material? I went down to the store to take a look and it's canvas but when I check out the description on, it says "micro fibre". So tell, what is the material supposed to be? And where is yours made?
  2. Mine is a regular BH. I suppose the Dentelle lining could be called a microfiber, as it appears to be a tightly woven cotton (tighter than my regular BH lining at least). The only other differance I've noticed is that the lining on the Dentelle BH is silver-ish.

    I have a Dentelle wallet, and it was made in France.

    Hope this helps!
  3. Haha, I've got the Kirsten, and I've actually forgotten what my lining is! :shame:
  4. Couture Creature: The Kirsten have a felty sorta lining. I remember from the store.
    I've got the speedy which is sorta cloth, microfibre lining...
  5. Yup, I think so. That's it! I remember putting my hand in there and closing the zip cos it feels nice and warm.
  6. I looked at these on Sat and saw that the lining on the BH & speedy was different to my Kirsten ...I liked the speedy in silver:heart:
  7. me too!
  8. i have the dentelle BH and the lining is the same type of lining as the regular speedies. But in a grayish kinda color.
  9. I don't have a BH or anything Dentelle - but I've been into the LV store to check them out... I'd totally go for the BH Dentelle :nuts: good luck on what you decide to get! :wlae:
  10. edz-love the new avatar. very on the road...again.

    go for the speedy. don't regret not getting her!
  11. Thanks, ladies. I think the Dentelle Speedy in Silver is gorgeous but I'm after a shoulder bag. I've tried the BH. Unfortunately, I find it too big for me.

    photoobsessive, that's an old photo. My Speedy is always speeding around the world! She's my favourite bag!
  12. i liek speedy gold