Dentelle availability?

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  1. As usual, I wake up to a style that has been discontinued. Are the Dentelle Speedys available at all at boutiques anymore? Thanks in advance:flowers:
  2. I've only seen small accessoires around, but maybe there's one floating about somewhere.
  3. Here I have seen a few bags ... even the fersen at the store:yes:
  4. I feel you...didn't even know Dentelle existed until late last year & had a heck of a time getting my Silver Bat. Call 866 or visit a boutique...they can check stock for all the boutiques in the country & see if there are any more floating around. I'm pretty sure there are still Silver Speedies available. Good Luck!
  5. i think you have a good chance of locating one. i would call 866 to have them locate one for you.
  6. I just recently saw one at South Coast Plaza and Century City Mall.
  7. I know they are available in the Speedy. They are still online (I think it was $1480.00) If you are really thinking of it, get it before the price increase on Thursday April 17th, it will be about 5% more...
  8. I'm sure there are still things floating around! My store had all both the BH and the Speedy available just a month or two ago, so for some stores I think there'll still be some pieces around.
  9. Thanks all! Here´s hoping they are still available. I´ll have to ask our boutique that just opened.