Dentelle anyone!!!

  1. need more info on Dentelle speedy, those of you that have it, do you LOVE it. Trying to decide between the Dentelle and the azura speedy, dentelle i didnt love at first but like everything else it is beginning to grow on me, just havent seen in person yet!!
  2. The dentelle is lovely but you really need to see it in real life then you'll know if it's for you or not. As fab as many pics are they don't capture the beauty.
  3. I think it's a much more limited and valuable "piece" than the azure. Although, azure is hard to get now, should become easier and is supposedly permanent forever, dentelle definately not. I think dentelle is gorgeous, and azure too, depends on what you want and who you are... Best of luck!
  4. ^^I agee with Label Addict and Veronika. This line needs to be seen IRL to appreciate it's beauty plus it is a LE piece and won't be around long. Unlike the Azur which is part of the permanent line.
  5. do you all love the dentelle line? i am just not too sure if i will get sick of it.
  6. I only have the pochette wallet, and I absolutely adore it.. have never seen the speedy IRL.... but, can only imagine how fabulous it is...I adore the kirsten AND the fersten.... both fab my choice, would be kirsten...
  7. I love it I have the Kirsten in silver long purse also in silver and the scarf. and I wanted the belt but it didn't fit. so yes I guess you could say I love it, I am a recuiter for dentelle :lol:
  8. I think the Dentelle is a very subjective piece of art...I fell in love with the Azur after a while and maybe the same will go for the Dentelle...but between the silver and the gold, I do like the xilver better :smile:
  9. I'm totally "jonesing" about the Dentelle Speedy...but have yet to see one IRL

    I'm wondering..what do they retail for?? The prices on eBay are so drastically different..some selling for 15-1900.00 and others 2500.00 and up?? Wondering why??

    Those who purchased much if you don't mind me asking??
  10. Speedy is £700 ( approx $1365) but I'm sure soemone can give you exact US total
  11. $1420 USD, worth every last red cent lol
  12. Yep! Especially if that price increase if for real, you got a great deal ichelle!:yes:
  13. :yahoo:. ahhh i hope so. lemme do that again...:yahoo:
  14. i'm getting my gold dentelle pochette wallet today and can't wait to check it out:graucho: ....i'll get back to you with real feedback later......