Dentelle ambivalence - decided against the speedy & got...

  1. Ok as some of you know I got the call for the dentelle speedy in gold yesterday and today I went to the LV store to look at both, the silver and the gold. The silver would have looked better on me, but I didn't like it by looking at it. I liked the look of the gold but it didn't suit me :shrugs:
    The SA, a very very helpful one, took an hour to get me through the should-I-or-should-I-not-and-if-which-one and finally I let them go. Not even 5 mins. after I decided against a speedy an older lady came in, in her late 50s I believe, looked at the silver speedy, asked how much and bought it on the spot, it took her about 2 mins.! So then I thought maybe it's an age thing?? :shrugs: It looked really really chic on her, and somehow weird on me.

    Then I decided I still wanted something from the dentelle line. I looked at the ludlow, the larger version of the ludlow (the billfold), the pochette wallet etc. :rolleyes: and because I love wallets that fit everywhere decided on the ludlow gold, which I liked because it complimented the LV canvas coloring and the gold button. Now I'm not 100 % sure I'll keep it:sweatdrop: I'm mulling it over till tomorrow. I really like the pomme d'amour and might get the bigger version of the ludlow though, the billfold, it's about 10x11 cm.

    I could have finished there but I wanted to take a look at the Brentwood (great bag but reaaaaally red in pomme), the Houston (too wide and too small), the boxy little one I forgot the name (so cute, but even smaller) and then I remembered the roxbury drive. I thought it would be too fancy for me, but you never know so I asked. They didn't have it in pomme but she showed me the noisette. Now I love chic colors and this just melted me completely. I never thought I'd like this nut-beige but I think it's sooooo chic, young and gorgeous :love: So we even went outside on the street with a pomme bag and the noisette roxbury and it was clear to me right then and there! The pomme would be nice but not easy to wear in a bag, whereas the noisette would be beautifully chic and shiny and would go with everything. I fell in love on the spot and brought her home!!! :yahoo::heart:
    Also great is the removable strap which provides a perfect-length strap for the pochette! :idea:

    So here are a few pics & if you like tell me whether I should go for the pomme billfold instead of the dentelle ludlow. TIA!
    ludlow.jpg ludlow1.jpg ludlow2.jpg ludlow3.jpg
  2. The Roxbury Pics and modeling pics, please excuse the casual outfit and the mirror:
    modelingpic.jpg modelingpic1.jpg modelingpic2.jpg roxburybag.jpg roxbury-interior.jpg
  3. they are both very nice. i dont have any vernis but if i did get any it would be in noisette, very chic.
  4. I love your roxbury! I wanna one too!
  5. Thank you :love:
  6. I think you should stay with the Dentelle wallet and get a Pomme wallet further down the road. ;)
  7. I am not in love with the Dantelle line so I would return it and go with the Pomme!

    Your new Roxbury looks devine! I love that color! :love:
  8. Gorgeous choices....I love the dentelle ludlow with your bag! I also didn't care for the speedy....unfortunately not my thing. My family liked it and the large wallet...but I think I'd like a dentelle ludlow after seeing yours! Keep it!
  9. :yes: :yes:
  10. Thanks :smile: Since both Dentelle and Pomme are confirmed seasonals, I really don't know which one. All I know is I'm not sure about the dentelle ludlow, I somehow don't like its dull interior... but outside it's nice... hmmm
  11. love the roxbury, it really suits you, congrats!
  12. Damn I love that Roxbury bag! Your pics make me want to carry mine tomorrow! I have it in pomme and might wear it with a head-to-toe black outfit...
  13. ^wow that sounds sexy :yes:
  14. Congrats!!! KEEP DENTELLE LUDLOW!!!
  15. Return the dentelle... and get the ludlow in pomme.