Dented Indigo Bedford from Chicago...

  1. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I got a pm from someone saying they loved my bedford and had bought a new one from the Chicago store and had to return it because it had a dent in it. A while back, several months ago (Oct - NOv); another pfer I believe purchased same bag with dent in it and she elected to return it, it was very difficult for her. Just wanted to share this, putting two and two together, think it's the same bag,,,

    for what it's worth...:confused1:
  2. is the dent fixable like crease of Speedy? May be the store thought if you stuff it up, it will go away?
  3. Yep. I think that's what they told the first one... just wanted people to be aware...
  4. I remember that post from a few months ago.
  5. I'm really curious how the dent looks like. Any pix? Is it not fixable at all?
  6. I'm not great at doing searches; but I'm sure you could search on the forum and find the pics that Talula posted. She also said the piping was coming off... I wouldn't want a dented Bedford, especially for the price with all the price increases, etc. I remember her also saying that the vachetta had honeyed more than she desired... anyway... Dented vernis does not sound good...
  7. Pupster, had to return that Bedford to Chicago.
  8. Is it this thread?

    Was the dent on the side pocket? It wasn't very obvious judging from the pix. And I must say, the indigo bedford is absolutely stunning..! :love:

    I can't find the pix Talula posted.
  9. Thanks pinki!
  10. I was the one who just bought it from the Michigan Ave store (in Chicago) and HAD to send it back. I was soo disappointed. I didn't take any pix of the dent. The dent was between the handles along a long side. It couldn't be fixed or lessened by stuffing the bag. The lining doesn't fit flush with the shape of the bag. So it has a bubble on the inside and a dent on the outside. Very sad. It was a beautiful bag. They have two indigo bedfords (one with a dent and another with dark patina on the leather).

  11. Oh my..sorry to hear that..
  12. aww, how sad!
  13. if i had a bag that beautiful, i would care if there was a little dent! its gorgeous!