Dental work for a pup (b/c of bad breath!)

  1. My puppy has SUCH awful breath! I can't brush her teeth cause the rugrat won't stay still. She just fidgets till she gets out of my arms. I heard that you can take them to the vet. and they will sedate them & then clean their teeth (?) Has anyone done this for bad breath? Did it help??

    She recently turned 9 months so I don't know if it's too young. I've tried the bones...didn't help. She actually swallowed one after she gnawed on it for a while. She threw it back up so after that incident I haven't given her another. I did buy this plastic bone that has real bristles on both ends that you put toothpaste on and as they chew on it - it brushes the plaque...but she still has bad breath!

    Here's a photo of the munchkin! She's talking a walk on my desk :lol:

  2. oh, how cute..

    i don't know if this is commonly available in the US, but Hill's makes a Prescription Diet product called t/d, and it's great for cleaning teeth..
    it's only available from vets, and you use it sporadically in between normal food.
  3. Hi Holly! Thanks for the input :smile: Is t/d a pill?
  4. Yes definitely take your puppy to the vet and see what they say/can do. My baby just went through a dental surgery. I don't mean to scare you but you don't want to leave her teeth unchecked/uncleaned. Mine is like yours, she won't let me brush her teeth. She had bad breath too and she is old, she had so much bone loss from her dental disease that she now has to see a dental specialist to see how they can remove her 2 remaining molars. You can also look up on the Internet alternative teeth cleaning methods if you don't want to put her under.

    Good luck!
  5. If you live near Trader Joe's they do have mint flavored dog treats. They work fairly well.

    Also, your dog may have a cavity or a gum infection and that could be causing the bad breath. Periodically, we have to have our dog sedated to have his teeth cleaned.
  6. hi bijou! no sorry, t/d is not medication, it's just a special dry kibble that cleans the teeth as it's being eaten (i think cos it's not brittle, but slightly spongy, so the tooth goes through it as it's being chewed)..
    but for some reason it's only sold at vets'.
    i think it'll work out to about 75c a day to feed your doggie on this?
  7. What a beautiful pup!!

    One of my girls, had 3 teeth out on Friday! She's still a bit huffy with me...
    she's 12 and has had her teeth cleaned previously, because like your dog, she wouldn't let me clean them. I have to say though, anything you can do to avoid your dog going under a general anaesthic, would be advisable. I didn't want to again with Molly - she was supposed to get them done in June, when she had a load of mammary tumours removed, but the tumour removal was much more severe than originally thought and the couldn't keep her under long enough to do her teeth.

    Now, if you pup has got bad breath now, I'd take him/her to the vet for a check up. Could be she/he has a bad tooth as although all dogs have "dog breath", generally, if it's really bad, then that usually means teeth trouble.

    Good luck!

  8. Awww!!! What a cutie!!!
    There could be various things that can trigger bad breath in your dog, so have your vet give her a check-up. At my cat's last appt., I asked my vet about this, and she said to wait until she gets a little older, it's not very necessary right now(she's young), my cat has plaque on her back teeth, so I make sure to brush her teeth, and I apply something called oravet, and it's a gel that you apply to their teeth, and it helps prevent plaque and makes their bad breath not be so bad(it works for my kitty.) So, I would definitely talk to your vet about this, as oral hygiene is very important, and if he/she thinks that your dog is too young, just keep brushing her teeth and try Oravet.
  9. start by sticking your hands in his or her mouth. you cannot go at your dog without them being comfortable with your hands in their mouth. after follow with a praise and treat. show them that theres nothing to be afraid off. then get them the toothpaste that taste good to them but great to your nose and let them lick it off the brush. try a couple of times, bringing it closeer to contact. my westie would try to take my arm with him as he scampered away but now he deals with it.
  10. i heard about the teeth cleaning too.... and was gonna do it to my pup since she has some cavity. i changed my mind after hearing a horror story from my pup's trainer. a person he knows, got his dog's teeth cleaned. the dog was under anaesthesia and when the dog was out of anaesthesia, somehow, the dog became deaf. my pup's trainer said that it might be from the anesthesia. overdose or something. i am not a vet, so i know nothing about this. but it does sound pretty scary.

    if your pup likes to chew, you should give him one of those bones thingy that actually will help clean his teeth. think about it... in the wild, wolves eat the animal that they kill and enjoy the bone after they eat the meat. i believe it is nature's way to clean their teeth.
  11. If a 9 month old pup has bad breath it can be a sign that something is wrong internally. It doesn't have to be a teeth problem, in fact it's unlikely that it is.

    This reminds me of the story of friends of mine who had dental cleaning done on their dog only to find out that the dog had bad breath because it had been drinking from the Guano Bat Natural Fertilizer that they had in a big bucket in their garden.

    What are you feeding?
  12. I own a pet boutique and this is one of the most common problems. Get her some greenies first off for cleaning the tar. For fresher breath, you can use a type of liquid that you mix in their drinking water to get rid of bad breath. Try this:

    Triple Pet Breath Freshener
    All natural, sugar-free. Uses organically bound zinc to kill germs, parsley seed oil to kill odours and real vanilla for fresh breath. Contains L-Lysine to help prevent viral infection. Does not contain drugs or alcohol.[​IMG][​IMG]