Dental/Maxillofacial clinics w ultrasound/good anesthesiologist


Jan 23, 2017
Hello everyone,

Sorry if this has been discussed before, I am new here and didn't find in the search.

I am hoping to have v-line/two jaw/chin reduction (tbh I am not sure which would be best yet), but I have one major issue that comes up: it's really difficult to find reliable veins for any larger needle like IV line.

When I was hospitalized for various illnesses when I was younger, this was fine since they often only needed a butterfly needle to take 5-10mL for their testing, they had all day to find an IV vein. However, when I had tooth extractions, complicated wisdom tooth removal, and rhinoplasty, they could not find a vein in the few hours my booking allowed. This meant I had to do the surgeries without IV sedation/pain relief, and only local anaesthetic. This can be done with rhino (and is definitely OK for tooth work), but I doubt it can be with a major surgery like V-line.

So, I am interested in dental/maxillofacial clinics like EverM and the Face Dental, but does anyone know if these clinics have an in-house anaesthesiologist that stays through the procedure, and an ultrasound (for finding a vein)? Or would I have to find a larger hospital for that?