Dental Bone Graft Recovery

  1. Has anyone ever had a dental bone graft? I just had it done on Monday in my lower jaw. The procedure itself was not nearly as bad as I had feared it would be (in fact it was kind of interesting since I usually elect to be put to sleep for oral surgery, it was kind of cool to see what they were doing). But now, it hurts!! A lot!! I would say my jaw is at least as sore as it was Monday/Tuesday if not more so. For those of you who have had this procedure, how long did it take for the pain to start going away?
  2. I used to be a dental assistant many years ago, and we would perform bone grafts on a regular basis. You will be sore, but only for about as long as having a tooth pulled, as you won't be able to tell the difference from one procedure over the next. Just baby yourself on that side, and you will probably look forward to about 10 days to two weeks of discomfort. The only other thing that I have to offer is that there are a whole bunch of blood vessels in your mouth and head, and that makes healing much faster that a broken arm or leg.....
  3. Thanks, Compass Rose! It feels, right now, worse than when I had the tooth out... by this time with the extraction it seemed like the pain was less, but today seems worse than yesterday! I think that's because I had a full day of class yesterday and I was talking a lot so now I'm paying for it. Guess I'll just have to be patient... but I'm getting really sick of soup, lol.
    PS are those your cats in your avatar and sig pics? They're adorable! Mine is in my lap right now.
  4. Yes, those are my boys! Lovey lovey all the time. Great cuddlers, like yours. I had a whole paragraph written about your bone graft, but my DSL has gone out on me twice in trying to respond to you, so this will be a short version. At this point, you might want to use a cold compress or a warm one on the site, whichever feels better for you. It might help with swelling, but it will make things feel a lot better, that's for sure. If you are eating soup just remember not to slurp. Don't use a straw, either, as those things cause a suction in there which will hinder the healing process. You'll be back together in no time flat. This is only Thursday, and seeing that you had your surgery on Monday, I think you'll be feeling better to a great degree by Saturday or Sunday. Just be patient.
  5. I would call the doctor and let them know that you are in pain, you will probably have to go and personally pick up a prescription for an effective medication.

    Of course you should, while you are there, have them look at it and make sure that there are no extenuating circumstances that could be causing more than normal pain.

    If you are taking enough of the right pain medication, it will not hurt. If it hurts, you are not taking enough of the right pain medication, it really is that simple.
  6. Compass Rose- Thanks again. I have been icing it and that's helping. I guess I underestimated this procedure because I don't remember the extraction knocking me out of commission like this, and I thought the recovery would be more like the extraction here. Guess I'll just have to be patient, at least my cat is being a sweetie and sticking really close to me today- wonder if he can tell I'm not feeling well?

    Shimma- Thanks, I will be calling my surgeon tomorrow. He gave me 600 mg ibuprofen which I've been taking regularly and it works fairly well. He also gave me Tylenol with codeine which I tried today but the first one wore off pretty quickly and the second one made me feel awful. I will see what else he has to offer, the problem is that I don't do well at all with opiate-based painkillers. I've also got a follow-up appointment on Monday to make sure everything is healing correctly- I sure hope it is!
  7. Ask him if he thinks you might do OK with a synthetic. That is what they give people more often these days anyway.
  8. Is Codeine a synthetic? Because that didn't go so well. I do have a call in to him and we will discuss all the options.
  9. Good! codeine is not a synthetic, as far as I know. I don't want to put names of pills that are because we don't want people googling and coming here looking for that.

    Abuse of these medications has impacted people who need them being able to get them. It is the reason you have to actually go and get the prescriptions every month, they can't be called in. There are some people whose pain is not even controlled because of this, some doctors are reluctant to prescribe enough for the person, don't let me start on this. I have diabetic neuropathy, so it is an issue that is very close to home.
  10. I can only imagine what it must be like for people who need constant pain control and are having trouble getting it- terrible. Luckily (unluckily?) my problem is not that the doctor won't prescribe things, it's that I just can't take them. I talked to him this morning and he suggested a few things and also said that the pain should peak around 72 hours post-op which would have been sometime yesterday. It is a little less severe today and I think (hope) I'll be able to make due with the occasional codeine (the first dose works OK but wears off, and the second dose doesn't help and makes me dizzy) and lots of ibuprofen.

    Thanks for your help, Shimma and Compass Rose!
  11. ^^^ I am extremely blessed, in that my symptoms (diabetic neuropathy) are controlled, but I do have to go and personally get the prescription, on paper, for two of the medications I have to take several times a day.

    If your doctor is OK with it, you might try an ibuprofen-aleve "cocktail," with or without tylenol, too, depending on what he thinks, if you think you might be able to make it OK with over the counter stuff.

    And at least, god forbid, but if you should ever have need of pain control medication again, you know codeine is not a good choice, and you can ask about those synthetics. They really do work! ;)

    On edit: Full disclosure - they work, but they do make you somewhat, um, fuzzy... :p
  12. The bone graft recovery has been more painful than I thought it would be. What is my biggest concern is vomiting so often! My stomach is so screwed up! It's been a week so far and I can not seem to hold down food for very long. I have lost at least 6lbs(a good thing), but this was unexpected. The series of medications, even one to prevent nausea and vomiting did not prevent me from ironic could that be? I feel as if there was a vail in front of my eyes for several days. Just doped up I guess. So what I am saying is that you will have a new normal for about 10 days. That of being somewhat sick.
  13. I'm scheduled to have a dental bone graft on November 18th. The oral surgeon will use my own bone from the back of my jaw. I'll be under general anesthesia during the surgery. Can you tell me your experience. Is there a lot of pain? Swelling? Did he give you a prescription for pain? If so what? How long did you take off of work? I'm really scared of the procedure.
  14. Hi How is your chin and tooth now since the operation?? im having a chin graft and seriously worried about it.

  15. Post operative discomfort from oral bone grafts varies by the type of bone grafting done. It also varies from patient to patient. If the graft is a socket preservation graft for a future implant there is very little discomfort. If bone is harvested from you from anohter site in your mouth there may be a little more discomfort, but usually no more than the discomfort of having a tooth extracted. Patients very rarely complain of any post operative pain from bone grafts beyong minor throbbing, swelling, bruising and bleeding for a day or so. Post operative pain medicine and sometimes anti-inflammatory medications are prescribed and does a very good job in keeping patients very comfortable