Denise Richards Thread

  1. This I find very sad...I wondered if anyone read. I copied from Eonline for you all to read.

    First she filed for divorce. Then she agreed to reconcile. Then she reinstated her divorce proceedings. Now, Denise Richards is explaining why.
    In a 17-page court declaration, filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court (and available for perusal on, the actress laid out a series of shocking allegations against estranged husband Charlie Sheen, including claims regarding his dalliances with prostitutes, his drug and gambling addictions and his threats to harm, or even kill her.
    a d v e r t i s e m e n t
    [​IMG] "I am disappointed that the situation has deteriorated to the point that it has become necessary to seek the assistance of the court," Richards said in a statement Friday. "However, my primary concern is and always has been the welfare of the children and this action today was taken to ensure their safety as well as mine."
    Sheen issued a statement of his own, decrying Richards' decision to go on the offensive.
    "This is a most obvious immature and transparent smear campaign designed to hurt, embarrass and ultimately extort me," the Two and a Half Men star said Friday. "I deeply regret her response to my request for the court to decide what's best for our children has taken the form of baseless allegations that I deny. For the sake of my children, I am electing not to reciprocate in kind."
    In her filing, Richards alleged that during their reconciliation last year, she discovered that Sheen had been visiting pornography Websites, featuring "very young girls, who looked underage to me, with pigtails, braces, no pubic hair, performing oral sex with each other," as well as sites "involving gay pornography also involving very young men who also did not look like adults."
    She claimed she also learned that Sheen "had a madam" and belonged to several sex search sites on which he emailed pictures of "his erect penis" to prospective female partners. When she confronted him about his various Internet activities, she said he did not deny it, but told her to "go f--k [her]self."
    Due to his alleged porn and prostitution habits, an allegedly severe sports gambling addiction, and a litany of other undesirable personality traits as laid out in her declaration, Richards said she was uncomfortable entrusting Sheen with their two daughters, two-year-old Sam and 10-month-old Lola.
    In her original divorce filing, Richards sought full custody of the children with visitation rights for Sheen. Sheen, on the other hand, requested joint physical and legal custody.
    According to Richards' declaration, things came to a head on Apr. 9, when she said she she told Sheen that if he proceeded with his threats to take her to court regarding overnight visitation with the girls, she would have no choice but to come out with the claims in her declaration.
    She claimed Sheen told her "[she] would never get to court because [she] would be f--king dead!" and to enjoy her parents "while they are still around."
    "I took this to mean that he was not only going to do me harm but also do harm to my parents," Richards stated.
    In response to the alleged threats, Richards sought a temporary restraining order against Sheen and asked the court to require that his visits with the couple's daughters be monitored by a police officer, as well as by the children's nanny, or else be suspended altogether.
    A judge granted the petition, ordering Sheen to keep at least 300 feet away and ruling that his visits with his children would be monitored.
    Sheen responded with a declaration of his own on Friday, denying Richards' claims that he threatened her or her parents and requesting that the court authorize each half of the couple to tape future telephone conversations with the other.
    Back in January, the warring twosome requested that their divorce proceedings be removed from Los Angeles Superior Court and placed in the hands of a private arbiter, presumably to keep the details of their split as discreet as possible.
    If this is what they consider privacy, we'd hate to see what would happen if they took their battle public.
  2. If even a fifth of what she claims is true . . . then THAT'S still too much.
    He was a BAD boy before she married him, why do women think they can change men that are as bad as he is?
    I beive some of what she claims to be true. I remember Martin Sheen getting involved way back when they first seperated and apparently he and his wife were pretty much siding w/ Denise in interviews I saw.
  3. This reminds me of the Alec Baldwin/ Kim Bassinger mess that has been going on for years surrounding their only child......nothing is private and the kids grow up having to see all this mud slinging.
  4. Yeah, not sure how she thought this public display and statement was going to help the kids any... been there done that. Shut up and get out, fast!
  5. This is a very sorry thing to hear. However, WHAT did Denise Richards think she was getting? It was a well known fact that Charlie Sheen used to be one of Heidi Fleiss's best customers back in the day. Did she really think that SHE could change him? No man with that sort of character changes simply because he gets married. Also, going back for more after separating the first time is only enabling the man. You know the saying "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!"
  6. Yes, I agree Yogagirl...what was she thinking? I can only surmise that being young and in love clouded her logical thinking...I wonder if any of her family tried to talk her out of maryying him?
  7. It really bothers me...I feel for those children.
  8. That is sad, especially for the children.
  9. I can understand why people think she was crazy for marrying a bad boy but sometimes life isn't that easy, you can't control who you fall in love with.

    I don't think her intentions are to purposely air their dirty laundry. When filing for a restraining order you basically have to let the court know about all horrible things. Most court records are public record. I'm sure she would have preferred to keep this private but her and her children's safety should come first.
  10. with this case, a lot of people are blaming richards for marrying him in the first place, but i'm sure she believed he really did change because that's what he told her in the beginning and she chose to believe him. she has since then realized her mistake, which is why she's trying to get a divorce. if you read the whole 17 page declaration, i think it's understandable why she went public with this. she tried to resolve the problem in private numerous times but it finally came to a point where the safety of her and her children were being jeopardized.

    i just hope the divorce gets finalized as soon as possible so denise richards can move on with her life

    oh and a lot of people are questioning the validity of this declaration but i think she has enough material evidence to support it
  11. Sorry I didn't make a note of it - but I heard that Charlie is set to refute all of her charges in a TV interview, very soon, I will try to learn more - After all, there are 2 sides to every divorce.
  12. I read the entire 17 pages. This is scary stuff- Sheen has multiple times threatened to kill her and her parents- and remember everyone, this is sworn testimony. I would be scared for my life if I were her!
  13. Agreed 100%. You can't help you fall in love with. Maybe she thought she could change him. I never look down at people for making the mistakes I know I could have made. I wish her the best.
  14. Yeah, I saw that!:wacko: That's how they do things in HOLLYWOOD, I guess.:nuts: