Denise Richard's Sworn Testimony - Scary!

  1. I really feel for her.:sad2:
  2. :sad: OMG, poor thing! He is scum!
  3. poor her..he is such scum! she can do so much better..she is beautiful!
  4. I've felt bad for her for awhile, I've heard so many horrible things. Darn you Charlie Sheen!
  5. wow. I didnt know things were really that bad between them...I heard on the news that some video just surfaced of Denise and Richie Samboa (Locklear's ex) kissing and stuff...

    so sad....
  6. this is so sad. =( how he can do that is beyond me.
  7. OMG :cry: I feel so bad for her and for her kids. Didn't she get back together w/ him after leaving him once already? I hope she doesn't make THAT mistake again.
  8. UGH! I hate that! He's pretty scary. *shakes head*
  9. Sad for all involved. Hopefully, she can overcome it all so she can be a wonderful mom to those children. I also hope she can overcome and not drag any negative feeling about him into the family unit while raising the kids. (I was a bit repetitive here...sorry)
  10. This is so sad especially for the kids. I feel really sorry for her!! I hate men like this!
  11. I can't believe she is dating Heather Lockear's soon-to-be-ex-husband. I thought they were best friends.
  12. I felt bad for Denise too until i heard about her dating heather loackear's ex. I saw pictures of them kissing on one of those celebrities' websites (sorry, i can't remember which website). I still think Charlie Sheen is pretty creepy and feel bad for Denise to have to put up with that, but I think going in public with your friend's ex is pretty low, especially they are not even divorced yet :weird:
  13. Ouch. What language!

    He needs some anger management classes like bad.

    Thesmokinggun always seems to have the best dirt.
  14. That guy is pond scum. It's scary what some women will allow themselves to go through just because they want a stable family for their kids :sad: