Denim Zippy Wallet

  1. I just called my SA to order the MC wapity and she asked if I wanted to wait as she's expecting the denim zippy wallet very soon. YAY!:yahoo: Anybody out there going to get one? Anybody seen it yet?

    I also asked about future releases and she promised to send me pictures as they get them. I will definitely share with tpf.
  2. hmm..what's a denim zippy wallet??? like the zippy wallet but in denim? LOL..i'm such a nut..i think I need to go to bed.
  3. thank you! I am VERY much interested!

    I wanna see all the BRAND NEW FRIGGEN BAGS that tPF'ers will buy tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! WHOOO HOO!!! YIPPEEE!!! NEW STYLES!
  4. Sounds gorgoeus! :drool:
  5. Anyone have the pics?
  6. I haven't seen it yet either. I'm thinking it looks like the zippy wallet but in denim monogram. I basically buying unseen unless someone has a picture to post. prety please. :smile:
  7. I saw a picture of it in the lookbook - and I think it wasn't as large as the regular zippy, more of the size of the ludlow with an all around zip, but very cute
  8. i have seen the azur zippy wallet and its gorgeous. MC wapity also would be a great purchase.
  9. OOh, I'm waitlisted for it. Hmm, can't wait for the call.
  10. Mj - Did your SA tell you how much it was?
  11. Nope. I think I saw it in the look book for over $600. Hopefully it doesn't go too much over. He showed it to me while I was waitlisting for the patchwork.
  12. Ppl buying pls post pic! I gotta get one of these denim zippy wallets.
  13. i'm dying to see a pic as well. please post if you can find one. TIA! :flowers:
  14. I can't wait to see them!
  15. no, interesting.