denim you prefer...

  1. in search for the perfect skinny jean. which brand do you guys prefer?

    7 for all mankind

    true religion

    cititzens for humanity

    rock & republic

    paige premium

    thanks in advance! :yes:
  2. Paiges! I've tried all the brands you've named (along with J Brand) and my favorite were the Paiges. The SFAM looked ok on me but didn't fit as well as I liked (I found that their new styles run big). The Paige skinnies in Dark Resin are the BEST!
  3. thanks, st4r. :smile:

    does paige premium run small, big, or just right?
  4. I like ernest sewn- even though they are not on your list. They fit just right on me
  5. Paiges definitely run just right. Maybe some styles/washes run small, I'm not sure...but in my experience I've found that the waist isn't too big or too loose (which is a common problem I have when finding jeans! Like Seven for instance, I sometimes find they fit ok but they're a bit big in the waist!) I'm a size 24, and I find a lot of denim brands run big on me, but Paiges are perfect! Also, I like the denim used in Paiges as "Barcelona Blue" laurel canyons are sooo soft, definitely softer than my sfam, coh, r&R, and tr, and I thought those were comfy! I used to think that Paiges were ugly and boring (seriously), but after I tried them...they're all I want to buy since they fit so well, are really flattering, and don't stretch out much....which is excellent since stretched out skinnies look bad. LOL. Definitely give them a try =)
  6. one that's not on your list...up and comer anlo jeans. they sell them at Shopbop, neimanmarcus. you can check out their website
  7. PAIGE for sure!!! i love it, espeically because i have abnormally huge hips! (ok, i'm totally exaggerating there), AND they make your butt look soo cute!
  8. Even though you didn't list these, my favorite skinny jeans are Goldsign ones! I have some and i lovee them!! :heart:
  9. true religion all the way. by far my favorite brand, I own around 15 TR
  10. thaanks, ladies. i think i'm going to get three pairs! R&R, paige, and true religion!
  11. Acne Jeans and Earnest Sewn are my top 2.

    Acne is really classic and simple but an awesome modern, edgy company from Sweden.

    Earnest Sewn jeans fit like a dream...
  12. I love all the jeans on your list, generally.

    But for skinnies -- PAIGE rules! They run pretty true to size -- they might seem really tight when you try on your regular size, but they do stretch.
  13. my citizen skinnies look AMAZING, but my true religions are the comfiest.
  14. I love my 7famk skinnies.
  15. Another Paige fan.