Denim XL tell me all about it

  1. Ok people. So i don't hang out in this sub-forum like I used to so I'm not up on all the new LV bags.

    But I've just seen a pic of the denim xl and i love the look.

    Can you all tell me about it. Who has one? Is it comfy to carry with the rolled handles? Popular? Limited or permanent?

  2. i tried it on, on black friday... and the bag is soo comfy. It just sits on your shoulders. I tried on the blue just so i can imagine how the mahina would feel. Not crazy for the denim XL, i have the neo cabby gm in black.. so that's my denim fix. I wish i could have the mahina XL in noir....
  3. I tried it on todayin black. I am in love with the Mahina though and can't seem to find one so I think that's why I wasn't so impressed with it in the Black Denim. I need to try on the Blue one to see if that makes a difference.

  4. Are the leather mahinas all gone?
  5. ^^ elux has the xxl in leather..

    love the black !!!
    denim blk.JPG denim.jpg
  6. I like it very much. However, I do think it's expensive for a denim bag... I'd rather dish out a few more hundred dollars to get a suhali bag...
  7. I prefer the mahina ... the denim just seemed a little IDK ... too much denim:hrmm: sorry just my opinion.
  8. I saw the blue denim XL and didn't like the way it looked so I didn't try it on...I do love the look of the Mahina tho!
  9. I love it!! I bought it in black. It is very comfortable on the shoulders. I wanted to purchase the Mahina but since it rains a lot here in Puerto Rico, I decided to purchase the Denim XL. Even though some people think it is too much money to spend on denim, I have no regrets whatsoever.