Denim XL and Monogram Rubis *pics*

  1. don't know if these have been posted yet, here are 2 pics of new bags:
    denim.JPG rubis.JPG
  2. Not a huge fan of either...but maybe they'll grow on me.
  3. Lovely! Thanks for sharing!
  4. wow, I think the denim would look good in black ... anybody know the price on the denim xl? tia
  5. will the second one come in any other colors???
  6. I think the 2nd one will grow on me. I'll need to see more pics :smile:
  7. the price of the denim bag will ba approx. 1500 euros.
    the mono rubis bag doesn't come in any other colors, just pomme d'amour.
  8. wow I love the denim XL!
  9. How much is the Rubis?? Any idea??
  10. The rubis will grow on me, but not a fan of the denim.
  11. LOVE the denim...not realllllyyy feeling the second one. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Oooooh....I am lovin' both bags! I can imagine the denim XL in black --- that one would definitely be one HOT bag!! My SA wanted me to waitlist for the black denim XL instead of the Neo Cabby since she knew I would like this one better. Dang, she was right, but I blew the money on my Mirage Speedy. LOL

    The Rubis has grown on me, too. It looks like it has an open top --- great looking tote! I'd sure like to have that one, too!!
  13. I'm really disappointed I have been awaiting the handbag XL in denim and from the early pics it looked very spy-esque but that pics not what I hoped for looks like another one crossed off the list *sigh*
  14. cool
  15. love the denim