Denim wallets question plus pics

  1. Do you guys think it would be tacky to carry a denim wallet with denim bag..? For some reason, I feel it would be too much.. I have a baggy pm and with the new denim wallets coming out, I'm considering buying the mini zippy (its $490) . or maybe the cles ($175) what do you guys think? Would it be too much with all this matchy stuff? lol.. By the way, here are pictures of the wallets, pretty sure they arent posted on the forum.. enjoy!


  2. I want a ZIP now! lol I think it may be too matchy! if its different color denim than I would do it :smile:
  3. I prefer my things to match. I would go for it!
  4. OMG those are soo cuuuuuuute :drool:
  5. :drool:
  6. Go for it they are cute
  7. same here! i always like to match my wallet to my bag.

    i think it would be cute!
  8. They are so cute, I say buy it if you want it.
  9. Thanks for sharing the pics first and foremost. :biggrin:

    I think carrying a denim wallet with a Denim bag would be a bit too much. :s

    I want a Zippy too! It looks cute!
  10. Oooooooooooooo I'd like a zippy wallet and a cles :smile:

    I think it would be no different then using mono wallets with mono bags. Some like everything to match, so its personal preference.
  11. i think it would looks great with your denim baggy pm. when it comes out I will get it for sure to wear with my denim speedy.
  12. Too matchy matchy IMO...I like the vernis wallets with the denim bags.
  13. thanks everyone for your feedback.. im thinking to get one but wear it with my non-denim bags? like with mono or whatever.. would this be nice? btw, the 2 wallets and cles are going to come out only in blue.. no green or pink! sucks!

  14. ITA!! Is it only coming in blue?:nuts:
  15. love the zippy wallet! i've been looking for a wallet... hmm, now i feel like i should wait!