denim wallet, anyone?

  1. who's getting the denim wallet??

    i'm seriously thinking about it!
  2. mmm....just not for me.
  3. I love it but it's too big for me. If I switch bags, I don't want to switch wallets, too...I guess I'm just lazy.:shrugs:
  4. I LOVE a zip around wallet. It great for anyone who has lots of cc or frequent buyer cards, receipts, appt cards, etc. I have one in chocolate optic. I have a cotton denim slim envelope wallet so that's enough denim for me.
  5. that is soooo cute i may consider it,because i have alot in my wallet and that is plenty of room, but i want the tote to go with it too.
  6. I bought it and returned looked and felt cheap to me..So, I ended up w/the denim carly wallet
  7. I saw it today and liked it well enough but I thought the denim patchwork was cuter.
  8. I want to get one if I get the denim satchel. I have not seen either IRL so I will know more after that. I was considering just getting the brown satchel because I already have the brown signature checkbook wallet. But again I will need to see all of them in person.
  9. I have the smaller denim wallet. I like it..for a summer wallet and to go with brown bags too. The other is too big for me. At least I think I am keeping it LOL
  10. I love it in pictures - navy/dark blue is my favorite color and brown and blue is a favorite combination. Would be tempted but I saw it in person the other day - didn't like the fact that the inside was vinyl.

    Seemed like all their new wallets had vinyl inside. :tdown:
  11. I really like it. I'm waiting to see it in person.
  12. i've decided it doesn't look like it's something i want!
  13. I like it, i want it in a minni skinny:crybaby:wish they made those
  14. I'm hoping to get it to match with the denim satchel. I think it's much cuter than the medium zip around.