Denim users how is it holding up?

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  1. My friend has a denim pink speedy and she says she feels it is looking a bit worn, I am not sure what that means since I do not live by her. She is very careful about her bags and says she feels the denim isn't holding up for the amount of $$ she paid for it.

    I myself bought the green denim mini pleaty and in spite of a horrible fall in to a mop bucket (filled with organic cleanser so no chemicals were in it) ther purse is still in like new condition to me. I am careful about my bags but this has been thrown around a bit.

    I am just asking the people who bought things from the denim line how you feel it has held up and are you happy with it? Now that I see the new denim stuff coming out this spring I am really thinking of getting a new speedy.:yahoo:
  2. I am curious to read responses to this. I don't have any denim yet but I really have my eye on the baggy pm and thinking about getting it this summer. It is a lot of money to spend on fabric which is the only reason I haven't got it thus far. Such a great line though!
  3. Well the care book says that denim is supposed to become worn like your favorite old pair of jeans. My fuschia baggy pm has yet to do that, but I'm excited to see that.
  4. I have not carried my pink speedy enough to know how it wears however I did carry my blue one alot before I sold it and I really like it! It looked great the entire time.
  5. yup! mine is worn. definitely noticeable! but still lovely!
  6. Is the denim in the cruise collection the same type of denim? It seems to me that the cruise cabas denim felt "thicker" than the denim used on the speedy denim. Anyone know this?...while we're on the subject of denim.
  7. i love my demin speedy my only complaint had been light color transfer and thats about it, and i have been rough on that bag and its like new
  8. I only use my fuschia mini pleaty during the summer, so it still looks brand new. I'm also very careful with my bags.
  9. i'm also thinking about buying a blue denim sac... but still worrying about the denim too.
  10. I have a sac a dos, I banged it around quite a bit and it still looks great...maybe different for the colors...especially the pink, since it so light.
  11. my mini pleaty still looks like new but i havent used it too many times
  12. I dont use mine enough, so it still looks fairly new.
  13. I've got the speedy with 2 buckles and it drops with stuff in it as the material is real soft.
  14. I use my Denim Speedy a lot and it still looks good :yes:
  15. Green Baggy GM here -- and I just used it today -- it is wearing beautifully! I love it!