Denim transfer?

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  1. Does the new Denim Patent stripe tote have transfer issues? (the dark color transferring to anything light?)

    Debating on this bag...thanks!
  2. I've owned a couple Denim bags and never had trouble with color transfer.
  3. Thanks for asking this. I am thinking about this bag in lieu of the Pleated Ergo Hobo and I'd be really sad if it did transfer!
  4. I don't have that one, but I have the older signature stripe denim tote and have never noticed a colour-transfer problem.
  5. I have the swingpack in this combo & haven't had any issues so far :smile:
  6. None from mine
  7. Thanks so much all! I'm really torn between the denim patent stripe...and the patent strip in just brown/khaki...this might make me lean towards denim now!

    thanks again!