Denim Transfer on White Mandy finally happened to me too!

  1. I have read much on this topic and thought people must be wearing brand new dark blue jeans, but now it's happened to me! My jeans were several years old but the dye rubbed off all over my white Mandy!! Thankfully I was actually AT the Coach store when I noticed and they cleaned it up for me! Yes, ladies, denim does rub off on the white Legacy bags. I ran to Banana Republic and bought a long top that covered my jeans so I would not have to worry about it the rest of the evening while I was at the mall and out to dinner. The bag is not good as new because cleaning it caused some of the dye to rub off.
  2. This happened to me with my white Ali and I now have blue marks that will never come off. For this reason I will never buy another white bag. I have the Mandy in black now and I love her. I will carry her today.
  3. I wore my White Mandy on Monday with a pair of black shorts that have been washed a zillion times.. when I set my bag down at work yesterday I noticed some transfer. I ran to the bathroom & lucky it wiped right off with a wet papertowel... but now I'm paranoid about it. That white Leigh that I ordered is going right back. The leather on that bag seems so much more delicate & I don't think I would have had the same results!
  4. I've heard that this happens a lot with the white leather bags, and as I am not to be trusted with any bag that requires delicate care, I don't own one. The white legacy line is sooooo gorgeous, but it seems it's just too high maintenance for most of us. I mean, having to buy another shirt just to protect the bag is way above the call of duty in my mind. I mean, isn't one of the best combinations of that bag is WITH jeans? Huh?:wtf:

    I sure hope you can find a way to enjoy that bag without more trouble!
  5. AWWW...I'm so sorry this happened to you! At least they were able to remove the stains...I know it isnt as good as new now, like you said, but ONLY you will know that! Everyone else who looks at the bag will be thinking "OH MY...what a HOT bag!!!!!!!!!!!" Try to enjoy it! I find it strange that we are hearing so much about OLD, washed jeans transferring to these bags....HMMMMM.....