denim transfer on epi?

  1. I know we've all heard of vernis, MC, & azur, having denim transfer, but what about epi? I have a new pair of antik denim and my new manderin pocket organizer.. bad combo?
  2. Denim dye transferred onto my yellow epi pocket organizer. I'd be careful.

  3. I'd be careful, too.
  4. i think there is a little bit of denim transfer to my ivory passy :sad:.
  5. yes, bad idea. i had a mandarin wallet and some denim transferred slightly on it when i first got it. becareful!
  6. oh no! I'd be careful!
  7. Be careful.
  8. It could happen!
  9. shoot! thanks all.
  10. ahh, i have to be careful with my vanilla epi since i wear mostly raw denim :sad:
  11. i think it could happen to light colored epi pcs. like the ivory or mandarin
  12. I got denim stains on my mandarin soufflot, i used magic eraser and gently wiped it , otherwise water on soft cloth would be okay, but there's still some stain. be careful....
  13. ^^thanks for the warning all.

    this makes me so sad, I got it just to tuck it into my jean pocket when I'm on the go.