Denim Thong owners please help!!!

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  1. Hi guys-I am in desperate need of your help. After a forever of looking I finally found a pair of LV denim thongs on eBay & won the auction. Well, they came today and I think that they are fake. I am trying to get my dumb camera to post the pix so you guys can see what I mean. The red coating on the edges of the vachetta looks like a red marker and it is very sloppy. The actual vachetta also seems to be rough cut/not even. The code on the inside of the shoe is 0096 41. Is this right? The material looks real along with the sole of the shoe but LV is usually so perfect & detailed. Does anyone have these shoes & can tell me if the code is even ok? I will take these to SCP tomorrow to be sure.:crybaby:
  2. T_T this is why im so scared to buy stuff on eBay. If they do end up being fake i do hope the buyer will refund you your money.

    btw when i first read your title i thought you meant you bought an LV thong (underwear) -_-;;
  3. ^lol!! I thought underwear too! I was thinking... wow... those would be uncomfortable! :push:

    To the OP, Good luck with the shoes. If they are fake, then you can file a claim with paypal.
  4. I think it should have two letters in front of the 4 numbers. Don't quote me tho. Jordy has a pair in both denim styles- the one with the vachetta upper that is new, and she also has last year's with the denim upper.

    They usually only make fakes up to a sz 40 tho. Usually if you're shopping for 41s you should be set on eBay. One thing that makes us lucky with big feet.

    If they're fake you'll know soon enough. Fakers don't anchor or secure the thong part that goes between the toe with leather under the sole - only cement it down to the sole with glue so they will break soon.

    I wish people would get a conscious on ebay. The money is not worth selling their soul along with their replicas!

    Also a clue, are they true to size? Sizes are sometimes disproportionate if the shoe is a replica. Also, what was the ending bid price? I saw some two weeks ago that closed for many hundreds over retail. I HOPE that wasn't you?? Same seller relisted the same item and I emailed them and asked if they had multiple pairs or what was the deal.

    My one true ebay vice is LV shoes, so you can bet I have been burned so I am speaking from experience. lol. I have a pair of these, but I got them from ebay too and haven't had them checked for authenticity by my boutique yet, so I don't want to mislead you. Jordy would be a better source since I think hers came straight from LV to compare to.
  5. It was last year's denim shoe and I won the auction for $265. Yes, they do seem a little big. I guess I will have to wait for SCP tomorrow then. If SCP says fake, I will ask the seller for a refund.

  6. That is a good price for real. I always cap my used LV shoe purchases at $260-ish including shipping, sometimes more so yours weren't abnormally low priced for used LV shoes on ebay. They were used right?

    Hopefully they're real. I can't wait to hear the result of the check.
    My closest LV with a shoe section or people who will authenticate shoes is Michigan Ave, Chicago- 6 hours from me. :sad: My local LV just guesses but always say they can never be sure cause they don't ever see shoes. lol
  7. I'm just glad you weren't that person who paid almost $700 for a pair of 41s in that style a couple of weeks ago!! Geeze!

    I will PM Jordy or her hubby and see if she is around tonight to give some advice.
  8. Here is Jordy's thread about her denim thongs.

    There are also some folks who have them over in the shoe club in the LV clubhouse threads.

    I PM'd Jordy but it says she hasn't been online since April 13th but her hubby was online today. Maybe I should PM him too since he can prolly check her shoes.
  9. Please post the Ebay link in the "Authenticate This" thread in the Louis Vuitton shopping section. They will help you to authenticate them. Thanks! :smile:
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