Denim tailoring.... Asking the experts!

  1. Like tons of girls, I have a really hard time buying jeans.

    My question is this.... I bought a pair of jeans last night that I LOVE how they fit my butt and thighs but they are probably 4-6 inches too big in the waist. They were on sale so I grabbed them but can the waist be taken in THAT much?

  2. I bought a pair of Citizens that I loved in a size 30 and had them taken in all the way to the center crotch about that much since I normally wear a 28 sometimes 29 in Citizens ( take them in a little in 29 to have butt space). They are one of my favorites for comfiness and you can't tell they were altered.
  3. Honestly, you probably won't be able to take in 6 inches without noticeably changing the look of the jeans. Take them to a tailor and have her pin them back where they'll be altered while you're wearing them so you can see what they'd look like...
  4. yes, you can take it in at the waist only. they will put in waist darts in the back. imo, it will be a little noticeable... but it really depends on how picky you are. If you are good with a sewing machine, you can do it yourself. If you mess up, you can just take it back out. You just pinch it on each side where you want the darts, use a chalk pencil to mark where they should go, and then sew from the inside. If you're taking it in a whole bunch, you might just want to take it to the tailor so they can also alter the waist band in addition to creating the darts.

    Here is a picture of waist darts put into a pair of Seven's that I used to have:


  5. If you bought it from a big dept. store, they'll have their own tailor and they can do it for you for a discounted price. Honestly, I'd take it to them instead from the dry cleaner tailor (--> they've messed up lots of my designer jeans).
  6. i definitely do not advise altering jeans that many sizes down. itll ruin the shape and the back pockets. it its maybe like an inch or 2 too big, you can just put darts in the waistband.
  7. there are some tailors who specialise in denim, but the only one i know of is in los angeles. he's AMAZING though. can't even tell that things have been tailored
  8. In my opinion....

    With 10,000 different jeans on the market I would put my efforts into finding a brand and a cut that fits you correctly. Some brands don't work on me while others do. I avoid the one's that don't.

    Joe's Jeans, which I think are adorable, always gape at my waist, so I don't buy them. I have the opposite problem with many Citizens jeans (too tight at waist. I just bought my first pair of Citizens that fit me...wide leg) True Religion jeans....just right for me.

    IMO, altering jeans (except for length) seems the look would be compromised (i.e. the darts).
  9. I feel the same way. I don't like my jeans with darts because I don't feel like they look as they were originally intended.
  10. I have an awesome tailor at the local mall. He took a pair of juicy pants in probably 2-3 inches. You can't tell at all, and they fit me wonderfully!

  11. 4-6 inches at the waist is an extreme alteration. It seems like the proportions will be off with that much adjustment. Jean pocket size, spacing, etc change with different sizes.
  12. You have the name and phone number for this guy? TIA.