Denim Stripe Mini Skinny on

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  1. I was browsing through Coach on Macy's and came across the signature stripe mini skinny in denim.


    It's a pretty cute little denim piece! I hadn't seen it on is it department store only?
  2. i saw it in the COACH store. it is super cute IRL too!
  3. Adorable, I think I need that!
  4. It is really cute.
  5. i saw that yesterday on Macy' and went *SQUEEEE!!!*

    oh! it's at the Coach store too?! me thinks that will be my first June purchase!!! :smile::smile::smile:
  6. SO cute! I love it! Methinks I need it...
  7. When I went to the Coach store I ask if there would be a mini skinny to match and they told me no. I thought that was a little unusual, but I thought that they new what they were talking about. I must get that to match the new bag that I will own on June 9th.
  8. I picked up one from Macy's may be the only denim piece I get, but it is too cute!! It even has the striped lining.
  9. cute mini!
  10. I might need a little PCE denim signature something to match my new shoulder tote! :nuts:
  11. did you get the tote too, etenebris?! did i already know that? are we bag twins now too?