Denim Spy

  1. Does anyone know how much and when is this bag going to be available for sale?
  2. It is available online at Saks (pre-order) for $3,090. Here's a pic I got from their site.
  3. I liked the velvet squirrel spy better, this one looks durable though.
  4. It's available in store now too. I just saw one at the Fendi store in South Coast Plaza yesterday.
  5. Although i love spy very much, i think this one is not my style. Too much embroidery and sequines, which makes it too delicate to hold a lot of stuff. But with such a large size, it is kinda wasted... imho
  6. Thank you, ladies! TOO MUCH $$$, IMO.
  7. I like that it reminds me of the Fendi spy bag, wouldnt pay that much for that type of bag though...
  8. ^^^Oh, I like it! But I just think that I would rather buy a spy bag made out of leather for the $$$.