denim "spy" bag....

  1. Anyone with info or pics of this bag? It was mentioned on the general thread but, no pics or description...anyone with more curious:yes:
  2. I just posted what little I know of this Denim handbag in the Fall Winter 2007/2008 Summary --- but here's a recap for you:

    The black denim "Spy" bag is listed as Denim Handbag XL in the lookbook with a price tag of $2170 (for now) and will be released in November. It looks really nice --- it has a different buckle/clasp than what we're used to seeing in the regular denim pockets of the current styles such as the Neo Speedy and Baggy GM and PM. It has black pebbled leather handles and no vachetta to worry about!! It can be worn as a shoulder bag or hand-held.

    SAs at two different LV boutiques told me this was limited edition although it doesn't say that at all in the lookbook nor does it say it will be widely distributed.

    I put myself on the waitlist for this instead of the Neo Cabby since I know the Neo Cabby will be permanent.
  3. Will the black leather come on the blue denim as well?
  4. Yes, it'll come in blue, too. Nakolulu has pics of it in the Fall/Winter thread --- check it out! AND the lookbook said it will be distributed to all stores so I don't know if that means it isn't LE. My SA still thinks it is. :confused1:
  5. I saw a price tag of $1870 today, I hope this was the latest lookbook!