Denim Spy Bag Back!

  1. It's back on Bluefly...Use 20% off code and get it for under 1000.00. On sale now at Bloomies for 1910.00 plus tax
  2. its gone..too bad. I love the spy bags!
  3. What is the 20% off code that you use?
  4. Shop337 worked for me.
  5. thanks you so much Latetlooz...I got the prada bag...
  6. Since it works for Prada! Does it work for other brands too?
  7. I believe it works for anything on Bluefly! Congrats, Kerokeroannie!!!!
  8. Back Again!
  9. Still There!:nuts:
  10. i tried getting this bag twice yesterday with the 20% off shop337. I know it is for first time users- so i used a different email cc and everything. I couldn't get anything to work. Any idea?