Denim Speedy

  1. Incase someone is looking for a wonderful cheap speedy.. here you go 100% authentic Looks great outside with a few marks inside ..
    only 2+ hours left...
  2. Oh no... You were supposed to keep that a secret. ;) I was bidding on that bag after you told me about it in my other thread.

    I lost at the last 15 seconds. I am so upset. :sad2: I thought it was going to be mine. The price was perfect.

    If anyone has one they are willing to let go for that price PLEASE let me know. I'll take it (In new condiition)
  3. Sorry didnt know you were bidding ..
    I didnt even notcie when you reduced her price, last time i looked it was 899$ and the bin...

  4. Its okay. I'll live. :P
    I just have to know that it wasnt for me. I'll find another. The problem is finding another for such a lOW price.