Denim Speedy

  1. Can anyone tell me, perhaps post pic's ( of the top of your bag)
    does the pattern on the denim(when zipped) line up ( line on the mono speedy?

  2. Mine don't. Funny, I NEVER noticed that!!!:wacko:
  3. Great bag!
  4. If one looks at most of monogram denim bags, the pattern doesn't line up in various places. The bag that comes to mind for me is the Denim Sac Plat. Look at the alignment on the sides...
  5. Thank you! I LOVE it!!! I used and abused it all of last summer!!!:lol:
  6. funny i never noticed it either until yesterday then went OMG all the other speedys do...

    Thanks for posting the pic. BTW your speedy looks great. do you use it all the time?

  7. ^^^Thank you. Yes, I use it all the time in the summer!!!