denim speedy

  1. Which of which color ? And why ?

    Denim Noe Speedy Pink
    Pink Mini pleaty
    Pink Baggy Pm


    Green Noe Speedy
    Green Baggy pm

    You can pick 2 bags....
  2. Pink Mini Pleaty and Green Baggy PM!!!:heart:
  3. Denim Neo speedy pink or a green baggy PM. I think the mini pleaty is way too small.
  4. I was just going through the showcase thread and looking for models, I dont see anyone yet modeling the pleaty..

    But dang, star 3777 and her modeling bags is great, The baggy is awesome.
  5. what do you use when you're just running errands and dont need a complete handbag ?

  6. I use different bags all the time. But the mini speady IMO is tiny to even fit a wallet, sunglasses and a lipstick and its full. The deminsions are 10 by 6 by 3.5 ( I estimated) Thats very tiny. But it depends on what you find comfortable.
  7. When I was debating weather the get a denim GM or PM I decided on getting the GM because it fits more and I like oversized bags. If you want a small bag that you can fit things in yet is stylish and comfortable go with the PM because it isn't too big and it is comfortable to carry on your shoulder just in case your carrying groceries or paperwork or kids in your hands.
  8. Ok thanks .. I've never seen it in person so i'm not familiar with the size.
    I guess the baggy would work for that too, since the denim is so light.

    Today i was out getting my nails done and omg just tossing around my mc speedy is work.
  9. Awesome, thanks for that info.

  10. Is there a longer strap you can use with the baggy pm?
  11. I believe you can order/purchase a longer strap for it, but i could be wrong.

    the strap that is on the pm is Adjustable 22" shoulder strap

    edited to add according to this auction Owner purchased separately additional long strap which makes the bag also wearable across the body
  12. Yes there is a longer strap. I know for a fact that it fits the GM b-cuz I tried it on....I'm pretty sure it wouldfit the pm too
  13. Get the

    PINK NEO (love it :yes: )

    and the green baggy gm

    I love the denim bags!!!! I feel bad for my other bags b-cuz my neo speedy is getting all the attention :love:

    I can't WAIT to get my denim baggy gm....but now I'm wishing I would have dared to get a green instead of the blue......just to be different.

    No biggie, still plan to buy the pink neo so that'll be enough variety :P
  14. Pink neo speedy and green baggy GM/PM! I like the GM better, but if the PM is better for you, then go with it.
  15. Don't you already have a Neo?