Denim Speedy...should I?

  1. I am looking at the denim speedy Let Trade has for sale..and really wanting to purchase it:yes: ...but I've not been able to try one on I'm a bit hesitant..:s

    Anyone who owns this bag...can you help me decide...

    Is it big enough (size wise is it like the regular speedy 30, 35?)
    Is it durable...does it get dirty easily? If it hard to clean?
    Is it only really appropriate for casual wear..or can I us it when I dress more classy (social party like)?

    What do you not like about owning this bag??

  2. I am curious about the responses - I want one too and I am asking all the same questions. I love the denim baggy pm and the speedy as well. I am also afraid of how dirty it can get and what can you do about it.
  3. I am definitely interested in getting a speedy this year too. I remember reading on another thread that it is durable and goes with pretty much anything.
  4. You MUST!
  5. I would go for it.
  6. IT is absoleutly gorgeous. THE PINK GREEN AND BLUE are all favs of mine. the blue basically matches any outfit. My mom has hers and it is FABULOUS!
  7. Love all 3 colors. Hope you get one soon from LT.
  8. I don't own the neo speedy but I tried it on several times. It's not as roomy as a regular speedy because it's not as high as the mono.
    I decided to go with the denim baggy pm because I prefer shoulder bags and I absolutely love it!!
    The denim isn't as sensitive as it seems even if you get caught in the rain it will just dry off as with a normal jeans.
    I say go for it, you won't regret it!! I just love them as a cute summer bag.
    I don't think that they're a really dressey bag IMO they're more casual but the neo speedy is definetely not as casual as the baggy pm or gm.
  9. I own the denim speedy and love it. it does hold a lot, so its very roomy.Comfortable also, to hold on arm. blue color of denim does match with anything, easy to wear. I do not think this denim speedy is good for dressing up, to me is more casual. I have mine for over one year, and it does not get dirty, of course I do watch where I place it down. You should get it, it's so pretty and useful.
  10. It's sold, did you by chance scoop it up?
  11. ^^ i was going to ask that same question...I hope you bought it!
  12. I hope you got it!

    The Denim Speedy is a great bag (though not as large as the Mono Speedy, it's still roomy). I :heart: mine. To me, it is a casual I wouldn't bring it to a formal event or something.
  13. i love the denim speedy... i especially want this bag in either green or fuchsia, since those colors are no longer in production.

    if you can, you should totally get one!
  14. I love my Denim Speedy and it is nearly indestructable. My only criticism is that there are so many denim LV fakes out there.
  15. i have the blue Neo-Speedy and i love it. it's very roomy, and very lightweight because of the fabric. it's surprisingly durable, and it goes with everything because it's denim