denim speedy fr paris...possible to return it in singapore?

  1. hi everyone :smile:

    sorry if tis thread belongs to some other sub-forums...i read thru the FAQs n didnt quite get the answer i was looking for...hope i can get some help :smile:

    i jus received a denim speedy pm as a gift, it was purchased in paris (thou im not sure if it was in Galleries or fr the LV store itself). its not really my thing...(rather hv a wrapity, hee)

    so, without a receipt (unless i wanna embarrassed "HIM" by telling him i dun really like the case n wish to do an exchange...last resort...), am i able to get it exchange in the LV store in Singapore?

    thanks in advance for any advice! cheers!
  2. I'm not sure without a receipt, but LV should have records of the purchase in their computer. They'll look it up and tell you what you qualify only, refund, etc.
  3. Hi I did exchange the item i bought from UK when I returned to Spore. However I did that with receipt, as proof of purchase. And the SA also wanted to see my receipt. You can try checking it out with them at DFS, they have so much better service over there. HTHs!
  4. hi girlsgottoshop n santarene...thanks for ur replies :smile: i guess its good to know tat i can exchange it in sg...but prob i do nd the receipt...jus gotta think of how to ask him for the receipt...tis the 2ND gift from him tat i dun wan...gosh...

  5. i wished someone gave me lvs! haaha. anyways, i think you should qualify for some kind of exchange, but not refund.
  6. Usually, they'll ask for your receipt and they are likely to take it if you want to exchange it to a new bag.

    I bought a speedy from France and exchanged it to a papillon 26 in Thailand, they took my receipt and gave me a new one. In the new receipt, if i'm not mistaken since it was sometime ago, they had to put the model no. of which you exchange from and to and probably the receipt no. for reference.

    I don't know how they do it in Singapore, but in Thailand, you can't exchange your bag without the original receipt. A copy of the receipt issued by LV boutique isn't good enough either. If you do have the original receipt and want to exchange your bag, it has to be done within 1 month from the purchase date.

    Anyway, I hope you can exchange it to something you like better. If you know any SA or shop manager, it would be a lot easier
  7. I wish I too have someone that will buy me gifts from LV :tender:
    But seriously, I think U need the receipt as proof of purchase. Don't go to the LV @ Takashimaya. Try LV @ hilton ( They are so much nicer!) or go to DFS. Ask to speak to the manager. See what she says. Usually she is quite helpful. Hope U can get it exchange
  8. hi

    my aunt bought me some shoes in hong kong and i exchanged them for a bag here in los angeles. I did not have the receipt and not only that, but the shoes were not being sold here in LA...I had a very hard time exchanging the shoes and also went to several stores. Finally I got very lucky at rodeo drive and got myself a damier azur saleya instead =)
  9. you will definitely be able to do the exchange in different locations if you have the reciept.. but i am not sure in this case when it is a gift for you and you do not have the reciept.. but just try to go to the store and see if it is possible :tup: