Denim Small Coco Cabas

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  1. Ok I am back on this tip again..
    I wanted the coco cabas before and did not get it.. Passed on it because I was upset at Saks..
    Now I am back wanting it again for the summer..
    Ladies who have it what do you think of it. How do you like it. Its a dresser upper and downer. I am traveling this summer and think it will be the perfect bag....
    I seen this picts and i thought i liked it again..
    I wonder if they are still available and if they will go on sale. If I wait a few weeks it just might-
    Anybody seen one in stores in the last few weeks ?? weeks ?
    I like how it looks on her...
  2. I am not so sure the bag will go on sale. I think the bag is cute, but more of a dresser downer. It would be great to wear casually, plus a nice summer bag.
  3. thanks michelle..
    I can dress anything up with some PUMPS lol.
    You don't think you could use it year round ?
  4. Sure, I think you can wear it all year. I just associate fabric with summer. Actually, some cute jeans and pumps would look great.
  5. i think this bag is so cute and its the perfect size. i saw it IRL @ Chanel at Short Hills yesterday. Personally, i wouldnt buy denim purses but i do think its a really cute bag. love its design. You will definitely turn heads with it...hehe....and, of course u can wear heels with it, just bc its denim, doesnt mean u cant dress up. but, just dont wear too much denim when u carry the purse, might be over board..hehe..

    good luck! :smile:
  6. I've been up and down with this bag ... one minute I really really want it and then I think it's kinda expensive for a denim bag! But it's so darn cute ... I just don't know!:shrugs:
  7. The one in the picture looks like the bigger size to me - but it is hard to tell as it depends on the size of the person carrying it.

    I have one and I use it casually; but I have a weird issue of mixing denim colors so usually don't wear it with denim. I think it looks especially good with black.

    One last thing - if you travel with it, I think you have to take care as it doesn't close all the way.
  8. I definately love the denim but personally would put the $1200 something towards a more versatile bag.
  9. Denim Cabas is nice but definitely not reach the price of $1200. Just my opinion, don't take it too seriously!
  10. Hmm I think if you love it then of course it is worth the price.
  11. hey "D" I still can not decide.. Are you enjoying that lovely pink ? I sure am loving the red !!!!
  12. Ha ha yes i love my pink bag, I read your post about it, your red jumbo, that bag is def. you!!!
  13. Oh gosh we must think alike because once I saw this pic I had to have this bag. I have an idea the both of us should hook up and one drools while the other buys ...
    I showed this bag to DH on ebay the other night and he actually likes the denim bag ...:smile:

  14. I personally don't think denim is worth THAT much but then again.....people buy canvas bags from LV for such a premium price so why not :biggrin:
  15. ok well lets hoop up and go... I wanted to buy it today, but i am waiting to see what the sale is going to offer...I heard through the grapevine that the presale is starting this Thursday coming up.. I am waiting just to see if the denim goes on sale- we might just get lucky.. pm and let me know if you want to meet up and go SHOPPING one day. That picture really got to me as well. I would wear it with black and every other colors.. no denim. I think it would be cute with any dress.... I am just concerned that next year I would look- Out of style carrying it.. Thats why I passed on the original vinyl coco cabas when it first came out