Denim Sloan

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  1. Hi, I'm in the UK and wanting to get a denim Sloan, it's just been released here in the UK, it's quite a bit more expensive than it is on the US sites.
    I've got two questions does it seem to be selling well in the US? I'll be there at the end of June so I could wait to get one there.
    Secondly I've seen a couple of photos with silver hardware instead of gold does the bag come with the hardware in either gold or silver?
  2. I haven't seen anyone reveal it yet on tpf. IMO I feel like it won't be a big seller.I did find one video on youtube (not mine) reviewing the bag. I personally would wait till you came to the US. I know Macy's has several variations of the bag online and they're always running sales.

    I've only seen the bag with silver hardware when I've come across it.
  3. Thanks for the information, I'll look on YouTube as well
  4. On sale at Macy's now
  5. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464049066.870659.jpg
    denim sloan with matching espadrilles
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  6. I bought mine at Macy's Friends & Family sale. Macy's only has the gold hardware. What I've read is that silver is only available at MK boutique?

    I have never owned a MK bag before. I have mostly LV bags. I bought mine when I was in Florida in a large Macy's. When I went to my local Macy's they had no denim Sloans, only pink leather. I asked an SA who was familiar with MK bags but has never seen a denim Sloan.

    I like the Sloan. Love the denim. Picture with my Chanel.

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  7. I bought my Sloan with silver hardware from the MK Store in the mall for $135. I hadn't completely unwrapped it in this pic.

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