Denim skirts?

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Denim skirts/

  1. Classic, always in style

  2. Sooo out of date!

  3. Fine for someone under 25, any older, throw them out

  4. Not sure

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  1. Just saw someone wearing one, what do you think?
  2. I think it depends on what it's worn with.
  3. I voted not sure. My official stance is: meh.
  4. I use to wear denim skirts, but mine hasn't been worn in a long time. I think it really does depend on what you wear it with and it also does seem to me that denim skirts are geared toward the younger aged crowd.
  5. I wear my deninm pencil skirt all the time , it depends on the style and what it worn with
  6. This question is impossible to answer unless one considers the kind of skirt. A very dark pencil skirt isn't even in the same league as a frayed-hem distressed denim mini. There are long, swingy denim skirts and chambry or dark denim shirt-dresses. All of these things are so different from one another that to categorize them together would be inaccurate at best.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.