Denim skirts?

  1. I agree. I don't like the Abercrombie look. But, if you look at the Miroslava Duma thread, she knows how to wear denim skirts.
  2. i have edun, antik, and true religion denim skirts and I luv them all. they are not too mini. i have never worn a distressed denim skirt and i don't wear the tight logo baby tees either.
  3. i like them. i wore them throughout college because it got so hot there. i'm not a big fan of the denim mini + leggings for some reason.
  4. I don't care that much for denim skirts, but I'd prefer they be minis. I can't stand them otherwise...
  5. I don't think it's cute past college. But, I'm in NYC where people don't exactly have laid back style. I think if you live in California or someplace beachy it can be ok up until the late 20's.
  6. PurseAddict, I hope you didn't burn your skirt. :biggrin: I think there are women older than high-school age who can rock a denim skirt. It's all about dressing appropriately, right? I think most people know what they can pull off and what they can't.

    I have three denim skirts-one pencil cut, one A-line and one mini. I don't live in them but some days, they just feel right to wear (and I'm pretty conservative). I just go for balance. Since I'm in my thirties, I won't go too short and too tight. Since my minis show a little more leg than the others, I go for a looser top. The A-line skirt is a dark wash, knee-length, with a higher waist. It looks good with a crisp with button-down and a belted at the waist.

    They're fun sometimes!
  7. Denim skirts are one of those things that never go out of style. Trust me on this. I don't like how I look in most, but they are a great alternative to shorts and very durable. It really depends on the cut and design. So pick a flattering one and you will be wearing it season after season. You also don't have to iron them as much as a cotton skirt. So to have one is not necessarily a bad thing.
  8. I wear em, not the mini skirts, those just above the knee, I think they work great with a tee/sneaker or a blouse/heel
  9. Knee-length denim pencil skirts can look very classy. I have several pencil skirts in denim.
  10. I love them!
    I just bought this TR grey one:
  11. ^
    that's a cute skirt pearl

    If anyone can point me in the direction of this amazing Alaia denim zippered skirt (seen on vanessa coyle at milan fashion week 2009) I would be forever grateful

    pic from the Sart
  12. Agreed! I love my denim skirts and do have one mini that is "dressier" in a dark wash that I can wear with a top, heels and still not look like I'm trying to be back in high school. I also have a light wash ripped up one thatr's great for the summer since I live in a tropical place. It's all about seeing what you can pull off and everyone has their personal preference.:smile:
  13. I'm personally not a fan. I have one but feel it looks too young (and I'm only 22).
  14. Absolutely! I am 28 and wear denim skirts (seriously-- sometimes you just want to wear denim on a hot summer day but don't feel like pants, and want to be casual!)... but you need to know how to wear them and put an outfit together if you are in your 20s or older. Find the right skirt and pair it with the right accessories and you'll look fine! Just find one that looks a little classier, has the right color and material, and make sure it's a flattering fit.