Denim Shoulder Tote...

  1. there such a thing?

    I haven't seen one on and I haven't seen one in the store. But I know sometimes they make versions of bags for Macy's and other department stores that Coach doesn't sell directly.

    So - has anyone seen a Denim Shoulder Tote?

    This bag but in the new Denim stripe.....
  2. If you're referring to the denim stripe, then yes, I've seen it at Dillard's here. It's the same size as the leather shoulder totes. I think it's a department store only item right now although if you take the style number to the boutique they might be able to get it for you for PCE.
  3. Yep, I saw it at Lord & Taylor the other day, it's cute.
  4. Dillards has it! When I asked the SA to see it, he said, "PLEASE BUY THIS's been sitting here forever! Lots of people LOOK but no one BUYS it.!" I don't know how that could BE, but...whatever :p It hasn't even been OUT for THAT long..right!?!
  5. I love the denim shoulders, so cute and comfy!
  6. This is the pic from the Macy's website. It's style no. 11182.

  7. That's yummy! I like the shoulder totes better than the totes - the one strap thing is great! I agree that they only have it in dept. stores as of yet...
  8. I love it and want it. But I don't think it has the legacy lining like the tote does. I have seen a couple on eBay and they have a dark lining.
  9. It has a dark (brown?) lining. I called my Coach store and they said they cannot get it because it does not come up on .com.
  10. I love that bag but was really disappointed that they didn't do the legacy lining in that bag; it would be SOOO gorgeous!
  11. Thanks everyone! I really thought they were missing something when I didn't see it on

    I may have to force myself go to the mall (I hate the mall) so I can see one at Macy's in person!

    I was there several weeks ago and saw a denim patchwork Carley - It was lovely but too busy for me.