Denim shoulder tote at Macy's!

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  1. As I was casually :drool: wandering past the Coach counter at Macy's today, look at what I found!

    It's not on the Coach website and the SA thought it was exclusive to Macy's!!! It was awesome! I was considering the denim stripe tote (love the legacy lining and the strap detail), so I was looking at that. Then I spied the demin stripe tote! The strap was wide, and woven like the straps on the tote! However, just a boring brown interior! :crybaby:

    Now I'm torn between the two! Does anyone have advice as to which is "better"? The tote is a bit classier looking, a bit smaller, two straps. The shoulder tote will carry a bit more. The cost difference is $80! The tote is $298, the shoulder tote is a whopping $378! Worth the difference?
  2. I am in LOVE with the legacy lining so I am more than likely getting the tote.

    I would get the shoulder tote if it had the lining. I want something different though.

    I saw get the tote... It's cheaper and prettier.
  3. For the price difference, i say get the tote. This is really cute and i bet it's comfy, but you already love the tote, it has the legacy lining, and it's a LOT cheaper. You could get the tote and a wristlet for the price of the shoulder tote.
  4. I really liked the Signature Stripe Denim Totes and Satchel but I felt the Shoulder Tote would work best for me. I purchased the Shoulder Tote at my Macys. Several ladies at my Coach store said they liked the Shoulder Tote better than the Totes available in-store because of the strap.
  5. get the item number from macys and call 888 to see if it's available to be ordered, if so go to your coach store and order it with pce!
  6. The shoulder tote is a very comfy bag to carry.
  7. I have the denim signature striped tote and LOVE is the most comfortable bag I own....VERY lightweight and easy to carry - it stays ON my shoulder, even while I am chasing 2 kids thru my mall!!!! Running to COACH, of course!!!!
  8. I like the shoulder tote better, but it's only downfall is that it doesn't have the striped lining. And I agree with spacytracy....get the style # and see if Coach can order it for you....while in the store the other day, I overheard an SA say something about ordering the scarf print shoulder tote for a customer....maybe they could do the same with the denim stripe.
  9. Love that shoulder tote at Macy's!! I'm a fan of the one strap (though most of my bags have 2- go figure) and love the style! Not sure it's worth that much more money but it's all about what you like best! Let us know what you decide!!
  10. I recently bought the shoulder tote in denim signature stripe from Nordstrom and I love it! I have never been a signature fan OR a denim fan, but somehow this bag marries both in a fabulous way. I think it has a great simple chicness to it.