denim shawl vs. monogram shawl...what is the difference?

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  1. i tried doing a search, but no one seems to have the answer...besides the fact that denim is two toned, is there any other difference for ppl who own them or has seen/tried them on in the store? i ordered a blk denim one from the states, but now i'm thinking maybe the black mono might be 'less loud' and therefore more practical...and in a couple threads someone mentioned that the denim is more expensive, but i think they are the same price now? were they priced differently at some point? tia
  2. Hi takeoutbox...I have a mono chale in chocolat and when I got it I trieed the one you got too...I couldn't fell any difference in the material...the size is the same as well..I chose the mono one because I didn't want something that screamed lv...a good screaming but
    If I were you I would go for the denim because I think black is pretty dark...If you want the mono go for another color...
    Good luck and hope I helped...
  3. tks for your reply, are you still loving your shawl? and has it held up well? i have a feeling i will end up getting more than 1 shawl...that seems to be the trend of late, all the accessoreis i've been pickign up lately i can't seem to be satisfied with just one.
  4. Ofcourse I'm still loving it!!! Here it doesn't get so cold so I can wear it in the winter as a scarf and in the summer I can wear it more loose...It's great and versatile..the one you got is gorgeous...I got the chocolate because I don't wear that much black myself...but anyway yours is beautiful!
    And what's wrong with multiple shawls???lol
    Go get them all girl...
  5. I have the Grey mono shawl and the lurex mono shawl. The denim and mono are the same price. They feel abt the same but the denim is "loud". Haa.. But the lurex is a different feel altogether. Very nice. But if u wear lots of jewelley i dun recommend the mono shawl. It pulls out the stitches easily. :sad:
    Ohh and the lurex is abt SGD100(US50?) more
  6. I have one normal Mono shawl, two Mono Denim shawls and one Mono Lurex shawl. The Mono Denim feels slightly thicker than the normal Mono one IMO. But you have to be careful with jewelry, sharp edges and so on. you get threads pulled on the shawls easily.
  7. I just got my Chale denim shawl (black), and LOVE it!!! I tried on the mono one too, its nice, but i just love the denim one more...LOL:p Besides, i wear BLACK all the time, i think the 2-tone color will give a nice pop for my boring outfits:heart:....