Denim sandals

  1. My newest pair of sandals, does anyone own any shoes from LV??

  2. Already had this pair, my husband thought that I would like the brown pair too :yahoo: Love them!

  3. Love those !

  4. congrats! and no :sad: sadly I don't own any shoes from LV but I really want the Black Nouveau Sneakers!
  5. COngrats on your shoes!

    And yeppers! I just got these (melusine in brocade and denim sandals). I will be getting the Melusine in black and some bastia flip flops this week as well! WHOO HOO!:yahoo: Oh and a kirsten! I am having a REALLLY good month!
  6. I ever wanted this one loads but I have no any Denim bag so I didn't buy it. It is lovely to be matching with bag (I think).

    This sandals are better than the new one.

    Now I have a Baggy PM but couldn't find this pair of shoes and the new denim sandals are not as good as this one.:sad:
  7. They are HOT IRL!!!
  8. So cute- Congrats!
  9. Congratulations.
  10. I can't wear the between the toe type flip flops which is a shame because Lv have some hot ones.

    I do have the baby pink spa mules and I love them
  11. I only own one pair of shoes from LV.


    LV Mirrior Sneakers, in silver.
  12. ^^Those are sweet!!
  13. very nice!
  14. Congrats!