Denim sample sale in NYC


    I just got this email. If you go, I hope you find great deals...
  2. Thanks for posting.
  3. Thank you. sounds great. What are the prices like? Is it worth going?
  4. I go to this sample sale all the time since it's a few blocks away from where I work to just see what is in stock. Jeans range in prices. I once bought Indie jeans for $40. Seven jeans run $85-135. $65 for Ernest Sewn jeans. $75 for Joe Jeans. True religion $90+ It really depends on how quickly they want the jeans to sell. There are price lists displayed everywhere. I do enjoy this sample sale because the racks are so neatly kept by size, but you really have to carefully look at the jeans. Sometimes there are holes and sometimes the wash looks quite off. (I mean $65 is a lot to pay for something with holes that aren't meant to be there.) I also buy a few of the Theory basic tops. Tanks $15 each. Short sleeve, $20. I hope this helps. They've also been having these sample sales much more frequently, and they are more expensive since I first discovered them three years ago.
  5. Is the site legit??? I signed up for it (made an account) but haven't received any of their emails.
  6. I hope you ladies find great things there. I am on a denim ban....maybe to support my bag habit!
  7. I have gone too- the jeans are damaged (rips holes) and quite expensive compared to filenes or loehmanns! I did want to go to see if they had jbrand palazzo but got rained out!
  8. I went there once last year. It's just eh in my opinion. The prices are not that fantastic, and alot of clothes have imperfections. If you do go, just be very very careful. I bought a Theory Tshirt last time for $20, and then I found a hole near the neck area and broken/loose threads at the bottom seam. :yucky: I felt so jipped, but at least the color is great and everythings not too visible.
  9. I used to go alll the time several years ago but havent gone in the past year because their prices are much higher...all the jeans used to be $50-$75 (even citizens and sevens and earnest sewn) and they used to have lacoste polos for $30 and lacoste sweaters for $40!! but not anymore... and now the really good stuff is like $125! its not worth it to go now...IMO...