Denim rub-off on Robinson tote in "Dust Storm"?

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  1. Does anyone have the Robinson tote (or any other TB saffiano leather bag) in Dust Storm? And have you experienced any rub-off from denim or other darkly colored pants? I really want this bag but if it's going to get stained from my denim pants then it's probably not worth it, and I should look into the Luggage color maybe.
  2. I didn't even think about that!
    I actually JUST ordered the double zip tote in dust storm yesterday with the sale. I'll keep that in mind. But honestly, when I saw the colour in the store, I fell in love with it. I would still get this colour knowing that I have to be more careful with it.

    I don't intend on wearing it with the strap much so hopefully that will help too.
  3. I plan on wearing the bag mostly to work, and I can't wear jeans at work, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem. Also hoping I could use Apple Guard or another leather protector on it, maybe?
  4. I have the dust storm in the shoulder bag - i never thought of clothing rubbing off on the bag either and i'm hoping it doesnt.. i LOVE this color :heart::heart:
  5. I have a Balenciaga Town bag in a beautiful golden beige and I wore it cross body with a pair of dark blue Tory denim jeans and you guessed it....I was devastated but to my surprise it came off. I had previously used a product called Leather Honey that I got online, and I believe it protected it because it came right off with another product I use called Leather CPR. It makes me think twice now when I used light colored bags.
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