Denim rub off- on my fingernails?!

  1. Anyone with the Denim Stripe Tote- have you noticed your fingernails turning blue? Mine are, and i can't imagine it came from the bag since it's not like i've been manhandling it or anything! I pick it up by the straps, put it on my shoulder, take it off by the straps and that's it!

  2. I don't have anything denim, but I think that's crazy!! I would contact coach about exchanging/returning it!!
  3. Not 1 problem with mine. wow, pretty strange.
  4. Not one problem w/ mine as well! I LOVE this bag and wallet!!!!!!
  5. Man, this is so weird. I doubt my bag would just be defective! maybe it's from my clothing today or something...
  6. No transfer problems with mine either.

    I hope you get it all figured out though - that is weird.
  7. that is weird.
    i hope that you figure it out soon!!!
  8. I purchased a Signature Stripe Denim Shoulder Tote from Macy's and I noticed some blue on my inner upper arm and on my tank top-- where the bag touches. That kinda upset me so I've been letting the bag hang from the crook of my arm.

    Hope I described all of that ok... :rolleyes:

    Nothing on my fingernails...
  9. I want the denim satchel and was thinking it might rub off my clothing. You should take it back.
  10. ^^I was thinking of returning the Shoulder Tote but I LOVE it SO much! Its SO gorgeous! I just hope the transfer won't be worse than what I have already experienced.
  11. WEIRD!!! I mean, on your clothes is one thing, but on your fingernails?! hehe I bet if you licked it your tongue would turn blue like it does with popsicles. :p
  12. awww.. if it's really denim rubbing off from the bag, then it's real bad. i'd hate to get stains on my clothes when i wear a bag. but then, i suppose denim material does rub off in general... such a pity. i really like the new denim stripe range.

    hope you figure out and let us know "who" was the real culprit.
  13. I really love the new denim bags. I did not purchase any of them for this reason, I am concerned with denim transfer. You would think that in this day and age manufacturers like Coach would put a sealant on their denim bags that eliminate transfer. I am sorry about what happened and think that you should take the bag back and speak to an SA. In the denim bags there is a card that says you may experience transfer of some type. Coach might just say this is normal and do nothing about it. Good luck.
  14. I'm in the same boat. I love the bags but I'm afraid of color transfer. But fingernails? That's strange.
  15. I think this could happen from the sweat from your skin on a hot day. That is what my SA told me. But she bought the bag for herself and even her Mother for Mother's day. Even so, that is making me nervous. Rather have something new than worry about this possibility. ..I have feared this was going to happen with denim ...but put the thoughts away. ..I think Coach will definitely stand behind you on this..