Denim Question

  1. I find myself drawn to the Black Neo Cabby (can't decide which size yet.) With winter coming up I'm wondering how they react to snow. My favourite SA said even though they are prewashed many times, she wasn't sure if they wouldn't run abit. Has anyone been caught in the rain with a Monogram Denim?
  2. I have a denim fuschia baggy GM. The care booklet states that the fabric has been "treated", but I don't DARE take this one out in bad weather.
    Even if the color didn't run.....rain drops can be dirty falling from the sky, and then it can damage or discolor the vachetta. Just my opinion!
  3. i love the neo cabby black denim too, so i'm also interested in how well this line copes.. i assume like all denim, that'll be pretty tough..
  4. I think it will be OK. I've had my denim in the rain was fine. I don't think I would take it out in a downpour or anything though!
  5. It will be fine! I have used mine in the rain! GET ONE!
  6. Okay, dell, you've convinced me! I have the Neo Cabby GM in black on hold at Holt Renfrew. My SA said it was the last of 3 at their location. All were on hold for PSN. The gift card will pay for my agenda refill. I also picked up the smaller inclusion bracelet in transperant. Will avoid the craziness of Wed night, but I can't wait til Thursday morning!! Thanks for your encouragement!
  7. congrats,i'm getting one too, same thing, on hold for me at holts for the psn event.