denim pleaty

  1. For those of you who have the denim pleaty, are the straps long enough to wear on the shoulder? I love the way it looks in pictures but I've never seen it IRL and if I can't wear it as a shoulder bag I may want to go with the mini instead.
  2. Nope it's not long enough... My bf's sis has the Denim Pleaty and the other day I was just having a feel of it. Nope. Too short.

    I absolutely ADORE/LOVE/WANT the Denim Mini Pleaty!!!!!!!!! Too gorgeous!!!!
  3. The mini pleaty's strap is long enough but the pleaty wouldn't even come close.
  4. Mini pleaty-yeah, pleaty-no!
  5. ^I like your new avatar, Rebecca!
  6. Thanks, Isis! :heart:
  7. The Pleaty is definitely a handheld bag! Go for the Mini, it will fit on your shoulder.
  8. :yes::yes::yes:
  9. The pleaty is being discontinued this year so if you want it get it fast
  10. I actually bought denim pleaty last Sunday. Adorable bag, its hand held, like a speedy would be. It was just too small for me, especially for the price, so I returned it the next day.
  11. I like your new avatar too Rebecca!
  12. Thanks everyone for the info-now I'm in search of a fuchsia mini pleaty!:smile:
  13. I know there's one in the Portland OR LV - I saw it there yesterday. Let me know if you need a direct line. :smile: It's cute! Just too tiny for me, I'm a big bag girl.
  14. Get Cruise Raye Mini Pleaty!!!! It's only little bit more but limited and that stripes with bags and trunks logo are gorgeus!!!
  15. love the mini pleaty...good luck on finding one =)