Denim pleaty with denim only?

  1. Do you guys wear your denim LVs only with jeans or can you wear it with other pants/slacks? I have a mini pleaty that I seem to only wear with jeans. I'm wondering if it can go with something else or will it look foolish.
  2. I think it'd look really cute with anything that's casual ! :yes:
  3. i carry mine with jeans and some cute skirts.... i think it works with just about anything not too formal :smile:
  4. Thanks guys. Looking through the Celeb. and their LV's today I noticed a 2 photographs of people wearing black pants and denim bags. It looked great.
  5. I saw a pic, someone was wearing the denim speedy with a dark pinstripe mini, white button down, and strappy sandals (no pantyhose). That wouldve never occured to me, but it looked really cute with the "sexy office" ensemble. :yes:

    Personally, I think the denim bag looks tacky with jeans. Use your imagination, and dont wear jeans with it!!
  6. I think the denim bags with look good with solids or simple patterns.
  7. I wear my Denim Speedy w/ almost everything :yes:
  8. depends on which color you have. i have blue.. so it matched well...
  9. i carry my blue Neo-Speedy with jeans and anything else that's casual. denim pretty much goes with everything :yes: