Denim pleaty owners~

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  1. hello everyone. i don't post alot just enjoy reading and seeing your new purchases but i have a question.
    im ready to purchase denim pleaty (not mini) on elux but just cannot picture the size even with the dimensions. would anyone with it please post pic for me? TIA and move me if i posted on the wrong place.:flowers:
  2. Try doing a search for "pleaty" in the Visual Aids thread. I'm sure there's at least one photo of someone carrying it.

    Here's a photo I have of mine next to my Baggy PM:

  3. Log on to type Denim pleaty to see the photo.
  4. ^I'm sure she's already seen the photo on eluxury as she's planning to order from there! :p I think she's asking for "real life" pictures so she can get an idea of the size :idea:
  5. thank you so much elle~
  6. OOPS! sorry! I did not read carefully.
  7. OOPS! sorry as I did not read carefully that you were purchasing from eLux.
  8. Elle - the blue denim pleaty, do u think it will look silly if i attached a long strap to it?
  9. Personally, I find any bag with a shoulder strap + handles look funny :shrugs: I don't see a need for one, so I wouldn't use a strap with it.