Denim Pleaty OR Baggy PM

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  1. Which one should I get? Is the Pleaty too small? It doesn't seem to hold much. (But I don't carry much) The vachette leather in front of the baggy PM worries me. :P What do you all thinks? Which style is nicer?? Thanks in advance! :heart:
  2. i like the pleaty
  3. I don't have it, but my gf is crazy for her pleaty. She's surprised that so much fits in it. And it is a-dorable! Go for it!
  4. I love the pleaty.
  5. Pleaty
  6. I have the Pleaty, and it's quite roomy. You'll love it.
  7. I prefer the Baggy PM because I carry quite a bit, and I love that you can buy the extra strap to carry it cross-body.

    But if you personally don't carry much, then the Pleaty sounds perfect!
  8. I've had a Baggy PM, and have both the Neo Speedy and Pleaty. Pleaty is more of a dressy type bag than the Baggy. Both are very nice. I would actually suggest the Neo Speedy.
  9. Wow! I thought ppl will choose Baggy PM OVER the pleaty since it's bigger. I am so surprised that my guess is ;) Why did you all like pleaty more??? Is it because there is less vachette leather?
  10. I saw someone using a Pleaty for the first time a few months back and I like it, it's a cute bag and more unique compared to the Baggy PM.
  11. pleaty all the way
  12. I prefer the baggy.
  13. Gosh. I love the Baggy much more, but that's just me. I happen to really love the vachetta leather on the front. It's so beautiful! When I was at the store, I was surprised though at how much smaller the Neo Speedy is than the Baggy PM. It's a cute bag, that Neo Speedy. I just really really like the fact that the Baggy goes over the shoulder, and for me the Pleaty would be WAAAY too small.....
  14. Baggy! :boxing:
  15. Pleaty! Its so cutez. I have the mini-pleaty, love it and its so roomy.