Denim pleaty on its way - is it big enough?

  1. I've just ordered the denim pleaty and it's on its way from France. I'm just a bit worried about the size although I do want a fun summer bag and won't be lugging too much around in it.
    I've found one modelling pic but if any pleaty owners are able to post pix of what their bag will hold, I will be very grateful. Thanks a lot.
  2. I have the pleaty..I love it so much. I got it a few months ago but I don't use it that often because I'm still afraid to get it dirty or whatever. It's a great bag to carry all your essentiails..keys, wallet, cell phone, sunglasses. It could get kinda heavy hanging it on your forearm though. It is indeed a cute bag. :tup:
  3. Thanks for the info. I plan to use mine all summer - I've really bought it for while I'm at our holiday place in the south of France. I've been using big bags all winter so it looks small in comparison but I just love the look of it.
    I'll only be carrying a purse, lippie and compact, keys, phone and small camera. I can't wait for it to arrive!
  4. the regular pleaty or the small one?

  5. Regular.
  6. yeap, must be okay for you~ it is okay for me with a wallet, cell, lipsticks(3), make up compact, mini lotion and key holder, carkey with coin holder.
  7. Well it arrived and it was tiny! I was amazed at how small it was for the price. It was far too little for what I wanted it for so I've returned it and I'm exchanging it for a baggy pm.
  8. i have this bag and you will love it. I fit my MC french wallet, cell phone, makeup (powder,lip gloss ) with plenty of room to spare.
  9. i love this bag and may get it soon as i find one .. its soooo pretty + pretty spacious .. good luck on urs =)
  10. the regular feels huge to me!
  11. My DH said the same thing! I sent my hubby to pick up the pleaty (a gift) since I couldnt make it down myself. He came back home telling me how he couldnt believe how small it was for the price he paid! Not only that, he couldnt believe it cost so much for something denim. After that comment, I couldnt ask him to buy me one too!!! :sad:
  12. i love this, I find its plenty big for what I use it for. wish it were made in pink.
  13. I've got the pleaty and the baggy pm - and both are just great! The pleaty is great for small tasks or just going out, while my baggy is a great knock-around all purpose bag.