Denim with size

  1. I have been quite interested aka obsessed with the denim pleaty since last year but I am kind of hesitant to buy it because it seems small to me. How would any of you that own it classify it... small, medium or large? I would like to carry my lv organizer, a wallet, keys, lipgloss, and a few other accessories in it for a daily summer bag. But, when I've seen it by itself (and not on) it seems small to me. Does anyone have a picture of theirs wearing it? And if I would be looking for something bigger in denim is there anything available in stock right now? It seems a lot of the older style denim bags are no longer available.

    Thanks ahead of time for your help!

  2. I would go Medium?
    But I thinkthey are coming out with the Denim Patch which I thought is cute too..if you wanna wait
  3. i would say it's a medium bag. here's my Denim Mini Pleaty Rayé Customisé, which is the same size as the regular Mini Pleaty. it can hold my wallet, makeup and cell phone :yes:
    pleaty 003.jpg pleaty 001.jpg
  4. Thanks for your help! I think you've rewet my appetite! It's so cute! Thanks for the picture too, that really helped. I love your outfits by the way yeux =)
  5. I have a Pleaty and I consider it a medium sized bag. The Mini Pleaty is what I'd consider as small. This thread has pics of the Pleaty being worn. Hope that helps! :smile:
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