Denim pictures on ebay

  1. If you want to see the new denim stuff HOUSE OF VUITTON/ AUTHENTIC LV has pretty much everything!

    I love the backpack espically the handle!

    eBay Store - HOUSE OF VUITTON:
  2. Never mind the new denim line, I WANT THAT GRAFFITI KEEPALL!!!:hysteric:
  3. Sac a Dos GM $1400

    Sac a Dos PM $1110

    Pochette Plate $400

    Trousse Speedy GM $365

    Trousse Speedy PM $330
  4. I love the backpack.
  5. Oooo thanks for the link,
  6. I love the pochette + speedy pm so cute!
  7. Retail is 365, and the selling price on ebay is 750$!!!!!:wtf::wtf::wtf::rant::rant::rant:
  8. ^^ and you'd be amazed and who would pay that.:wtf: Remember the days when the white mc speedy was going for 2500$ US.:nuts: Imagine iaf you were one of those people..:censor: I'd be mighty pissed when i found out it was now part of the regular line.
  9. They are all so cute!
  10. That seller is always looking for a profit, look at her L'Extravagant, not that the new retail which I think is now $5.1k? is cheap but she wants $7.5k... INSANE!!!!! And her Fringe speedy... $6k WHAT!
  11. I can see making a profit but that is highway robbery.

  12. I totally agree :excl::excl::excl:
  13. oh I love the speedy PM but the prices are high IMO.
  14. the real names are speedy case PM and GM and flat pouch according to
  15. I use the french site gives me prices so I can convert my euros to USD and I try to keep my French up!